The Lode Difference

Lode brings advanced enterprise-class software engineering to the residential, hospitality, marine and commercial sectors. As well as advanced and innovative technology, Lode delivers significantly superior sound, far beyond the reach of off-the-shelf systems.

Lode is designed to blend unobtrusively with the client’s décor, Lode is a powerful behind-the scenes presence that can be controlled by mobile device or automation control panel to bring to the home, leisure or business environment selections from the user’s favourite streaming services. Powerful multi-room audio means they can create the right mood at the right time in different areas.

This makes Lode the clear system of choice for audiophiles who appreciate the difference. But every user – casual or connoisseur – will value Lode’s quality and flexibility. Its incredible scalability means that your client could potentially have up to 64 zones, or rooms, each offering audio to suit the individual at a particular moment in time.

“The Lode Audio platform is one of the few multi room audio systems that hails performance as its primary aim. It is extremely important that we work with like-minded companies and this integration in particular highlights the importance of high quality music streaming to the custom installation market.”

TidalPål Bråtelund, Strategic Partnership Manager
  • Scalable

    Support of multiple audio zones on the network (up to 64) without the need for a matrix

  • Quality

    At 32 bits, Lode’s resolution surpasses anything else on the market, for a better user experience

  • Control

    Lode is completely controllable from a desktop, mobile device or home automation control system

  • Content

    Access to over 35,000,000 tracks from the highest quality streaming services

Control System Integrations